A first visit to Division Dental Studio begins with a warm welcome from either Wendy(our front relations specialist) or Arica(our front relations assistant). Their job is to make you feel at home! They will offer you a beverage, give you a brief office tour and begin gathering information from you.  They are extremely helpful in answering any questions you may have about insurance, payment plans, and scheduling. 

Once everything is in place you will meet either a dental assistant(Arica or Beka) or a hygienist(Jaime or Kati) who will bring you to your designated treatment room.  She will offer you a warm neck wrap, aromatherapy or a warm blanket. Next she will spend a few moments to get to know you, the reason for your visit, and find out what concerns, questions and expectations you may have for the visit. 

Next is a comprehensive exam. This is a critical piece of the initial exam as it allows both the doctor and the hygienist to gather all appropriate information to assist in making a diagnosis. It consists of :

     Review of your medical history and blood pressure

      ( *Although only a physician can make the official diagnosis of hypertension, the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation and Treatment of High Blood Pressure guidelines specifically encourage the active participation of all health care professionals in the detection of hypertension and the surveillance of treatment compliance. )

     Review of your past dental history

     Cavity risk assessment 

     Periodontal(Gum Disease) risk assessment

     Functional(How the teeth fit together) risk assessment

     Plaque and Bleeding Gums risk assessment

     Oral Cancer Screening and risk assessment

     TMJ Screening and risk assessment

     Home Care risk assessment and suggestions

     Intra-oral and Extra-oral photographs

     X-rays(Full mouth series or panoramic)

     Dental Charting of existing fillings, restorations, missing teeth

     Dental  and Periodontal exam

Once all the information is gathered you will likely meet either Dr. Schwindt or Dr. Weaver who will receive a brief synopsis of the appointment and review all the data that was collected. They will then perform the dental exam.  At this point you and the doctor will discuss the findings. The doctor will answer your questions and a treatment plan will be formulated. The sequence of your next dental visit or visits will be discussed. 

Your first visit is a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know you and your dental concerns!  As you can see, it is a very detailed visit!  We hope you leave your first appointment feeling confident and comfortable with our team as your new dental home. We always welcome and appreciate any and all feedback!