Post Operative Instructions

Our policy at Division Dental Studio is to ensure that every patient receives post operative instructions after a procedure.  If you have misplaced yours or have questions about what to expect after a procedure please scroll down to the appropriate title.

 If you have more questions please don't hesitate to call!



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Custom Whitening Tray Instructions

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What to expect after your Extraction

1.You will be instructed to bite on gauze for approximately one hour after the extraction. It is important to keep you teeth together continually for duration of the hour and to not 'chew' on the gauze. Gently remove the gauze after one our. If active bleeding persists, place a new gauze as instructed and bite for an additional 1/2 hour.

**If active bleeding persists after the second gauze application call our office: 218-333-8832.** 


2.It is important to take it easy the day of your surgery. Go home and relax. Try not to accomplish too much other than resting. If you sleep, prop your head up with a pillow or sleep semi-reclined in a recliner chair.  The more you rest the day of surgery, the better you will feel in the next several days.


3.Do not disturb the extraction site:

*Do not use a straw when drinking for 3 days

*Do not smoke for 3 days

*Do not rinse or swish vigorously for 3 days

For proper healing a clot needs to form. The above mentioned activities can prevent a clot from forming or disturb a clot.


4.When eating stick to a soft food diet for 2-3 days to avoid getting food stuck in the extraction site. After 2-3 days you may gradually progress to more solid foods.


5.Some degree of discomfort and or swelling can be associated with a tooth extraction. Dr. Schwindt will discuss which methods of pain management are best for you.

** If you have questions about pain management or swelling please call our office: 218-333-8832**


6.Normal oral hygiene is recommended during the healing phase of your extraction. Be very gentle with brushing around the extraction site.

**Remember DO NOT rinse with water or mouthwash for 3 days.**



What to expect with your new Temporary Crown:

*It is normal to experience slight sensitivity to temperatures. The temporary is plastic and doesn't insulate as well as the permanent crown

*It is normal for the temporary to feel slightly rough due to the fact that it is a plastic material.

 Directions for care of your new Temporary Crown:

*Brush your teeth normally

*When you floss, be careful and pull the floss out through the side to prevent dislodging the temporary

*Avoid any sticky or chewy foods to prevent dislodging your temporary

*If your temporary is on a front tooth avoid biting food with your front teeth.

 When to call: 218-333-8832

*If you have a toothache

*If you have sensitivity to chewing or pressure

*If your temporary falls off

*If you have ANY questions!



What to expect with your New Crown

*It is normal to experience slight sensitivity to temperature for several weeks.

*It is normal for the gums and tooth to be sore for several days.

*The sensitivity should decrease and go away completely within several weeks.

 How to take care of your NEW CROWN:

*Please brush and floss your new crown normally. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day will help keep your crown clean.

*You may eat normally.

*Avoid chewing on ice.

*Avoid holding hard things in your teeth(example: nails when hanging a picture).

*If you have a tongue/lip bar avoid biting with your new crown-this could fracture the crown.

 When to call:218-333-8832

*If you experience a toothache.

*If it hurts to chew.

*If your sensitivity does not decrease or go away.

*If your crown feels rough or is difficult to floss

*If you have ANY questions!




What to expect with your New Filling

*It is normal to experience slight sensitivity to temperatures for up to several weeks.

*It is normal for the tooth and gums to be slightly sore for several days.


 How to care for your NEW FILLING:

*WHITE FILLINGS: There are no restrictions with new white fillings; you can eat and brush and floss as normal.

*SILVER FILLINGS: Please avoid hard or crunchy foods for 24 hours. You may brush and floss as normal.

***If you have been given anesthetic(numbed) for your filling please be careful not to accidentally bite your cheek or tongue while it is still numb.

****Parents please help monitor your children if they have been given anesthetic****

 When to Call: 218-333-8832

*If you experience a toothache

*If it hurts to chew

*If your sensitivity does not decrease or go away

*If your filling feels rough or it is difficult to floss

*If you have ANY questions!





What to expect after your Root Canal

*It is normal for the tooth to feel very tender. It just had major surgery.

*Chewing or tapping the tooth may be uncomfortable for several days.

*The access to the root canal was filled with a temporary filling. This filling is softer and will feel much more rough than a regular filling.

*Dr. Schwindt will give you information on use of pain medicine and/or antibiotics.


Post operative directions after a Root Canal:

*Try not to chew with the tooth for several days or limit your chewing to soft food.

*Clean your tooth as normal with brushing and flossing.

*If your gums are sore you can rinse with a warm salt water rinse 1-2 times a day.

*Avoid sticky/chewy foods as this could pull out the temporary filling.

*Be sure to take all medicine recommended

*Be sure to follow up with final filling or crown appointment in the time frame recommended.


When to Call: 218-333-8832

*If you experience a tooth ache.

*If you have any swelling.

*If your discomfort does not decrease or go away.

*If your temporary filling comes out or the tooth breaks.

*If you have questions or concerns about recommended medication

*If you have any questions at all!!!








Custom Whitening Tray Instructions

1. Brush your teeth before inserting whitening trays.

2. Examine your teeth to determine where you will be applying whitening gel into your trays.

3. Follow the instructions given to you at your appointment on loading the whitening gel into your trays. Remember-'a little dab will do'-you should not be using more than 1/3-1/2 of a syringe per time you whiten.

4. If excess whitening gel extrudes from the edges of the tray remove with a clean finger or soft toothbrush.

5. Do not eat/drink or use tobacco products while whitening

6. Keep whitening trays in place 4-6 hours or overnight. A minimum of 3 hours is recommended.

7. Remove the trays and clean with a soft toothbrush and cold water.

8. Gently clean excess whitening gel off of teeth with a toothbrush.

9. Rinse out mouth and do not swallow whitening gel.


General Precautions

1. Keep whitening gel out of reach of small children.

2. Do not swallow whitening gel.

3. If you experience sensitivity while wearing the whitening trays remove the trays and rinse the gel off your teeth. Call our office for advice.

4. If you experience sensitivity after whitening your teeth you can apply the fluoride gel to your trays and wear for 30 minutes. Do not whiten again until the sensitivity goes away. If your sensitivity is severe or does not go away call our office.

5. Crowns, bridges, and fillings will not whiten.

6. Keep extra whitening gel in the refrigerator.


Things to Remember:

1. We are excited for you and are here for you if you have any concerns or questions, please call!


2. Regular dental checkups and cleanings are important before and after tooth whitening to ensure a healthy smile!

3. If you have any discomfort your gums, lips, throat, or tongue that persists more than a day or two or gets worse-call our office!

4. If you have any tooth sensitivity that is severe or persists more than a day or two-call our office!


**Once you have invested in whitening your smile you are considered a "Lifetime Whitening Patient" and will receive a complimentary tube of whitening gel at each cleaning appointment! That's our way of saying 'Thank you for choosing our office to help brighten your smile!'. :)






What to Expect Following Scaling and Root Planing


Expect to notice less redness, less bleeding and less

swelling of your gum tissues.


Teeth maybe sensitive to hot or cold temperatures.


If anesthesia has been used your lips, teeth and tongue

may be numb for several hours.


You may have multiple appointments.


It is critical to complete treatment.




Consistent and thorough daily oral hygiene is essential to the proper healing of your gum tissue

Gently brush, floss and rinse.


WHEN TO CALL: 218-333-8831

If sensitivity persists

If it hurts to chew