Tooth Avulsion

Traumatic Loss of a Tooth-Tooth Avulsion


The dental term for the traumatic removal of a tooth is ‘Avulsion’. If this happens with kids the first item that needs to be determined is where is the tooth! If and when the tooth is found it is very important to act quickly, so have a discussion with your children to alert an adult immediately if this happens.

Once the tooth is found:

• Replant the tooth into the socket if it is clean

• Hold the tooth in place with finger pressure or biting on a clean cloth

• If the tooth is dirty rinse with milk and then replant into the socket

• Seek emergency dental treatment as quickly as possible

• If you are unable to replant the tooth into the socket place the tooth in a container with either milk or saline (contact lens solution) and seek emergency dental treatment as quickly as possible.

It is important to remember that the chance of successful retention of an avulsed tooth is increased by minimizing the time the tooth is out of the socket. Many, if not all, avulsions can be prevented by wearing a proper fitting mouthguard!

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