Prevent cavities....Simple

Prevent cavities....Simple

Are you one of those patients who brushes and flosses and you STILL get cavities?  Have you come to the acceptance that cavities are a part of your life? You are not alone. Have you ever wondered if there is something MORE you could do?  


It's very simple: Elevate your pH. If you can elevate the pH in your mouth you can change the overall bacterial make up in your mouth. Prolonged acidic environments in your mouth cause an overgrowth of the acidic bacteria that cause tooth decay. These bacteria need an acidic(low pH) environment to survive. So, to decrease the number of these bad bacteria-SIMPLE-elevate your pH. 

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1. Don't drink acidic beverages!(or limit them and don't sip on them over long periods of time!)

     *Pop(yes, even diet pop is acidic!)

     *Carbonated water

     *Drinks containing citric acid



2. Limit how many times a day you eat and drink!

     *Every time we eat or drink we lower the pH in our mouths. If you graze or sip all day, you risk DECAY! 

3. Elevate the pH in your mouth as often as you can!

     *Use products that elevate your pH! There are mouth sprays, toothpaste, rinses, gum, even water that can help raise your oral pH!  We have lots of these products available at our office and many resources to help our patients find the right product to help them prevent cavities!