Oh My Aching Head.....And Teeth????

Sinusitis and the Toothache

Can a bad head cold or allergies cause a toothache?


* Yes!  This is very common during Allergy Season or Cold and Flu season.  Fortunately a toothache caused by a head cold or allergies rarely requires any dental treatment!
* Having a bad head cold  can cause inflammation of the sinuses(air filled cavities in your head).  Allergies or infection can also cause this sinus inflammation which is called 'Sinusitis'.
*Because your upper molars are frequently very close to your Maxillary Sinus, pressure from Sinusitis can cause your teeth to 'ache'.
*If you are having a toothache along with sinus pressure from a cold or allergies it often involves multiple teeth and is difficult to point to one tooth as the problem. It is a great idea to visit your dentist to rule out a tooth problem.
*Your dentist will perform tests on your teeth and may also recommend an x-ray to rule out a true tooth issue.
*Often, treating the Sinusitis will alleviate the 'toothache'. If your cold or allergies clear up and the toothache persists make sure and visit your dentist for another evaluation!
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