New Year's Resolutions for your Teeth!

Resolutions to Improve your Oral Health


 There are many things you can do to improve your dental health in 2012!

1. Floss, floss, floss! Unhealthy gums increase the risk of heart attacks, autoimmune problems, and can raise your blood sugars! Plus flossing is the ONLY way to clean in between your teeth! It helps reduce bad breath and cavities in between the teeth.

2. Drink less pop!! Pop has a pH level close to battery acid. Ingesting lots of pop literally eats away your enamel leaving your teeth vulnerable to cavities!

3. If you play contact sports wear a CUSTOM MOUTHGUARD!!! So many dental emergencies can be avoided with proper protection! Custom mouthguards made at your dental office fit better and offer better protection than store bought mouthguards.

4. If you clench or grind your teeth wear a CUSTOM NIGHTGUARD!!! Repetitive clenching and grinding can lead to cracks and breaks in the teeth. This leads you down the road of root canals, crowns or extractions especially if you already have teeth with big fillings.

5. If you have pain, sensitivity, swelling or a concern call your dentist sooner than later!!! If you wait and delay treatment the fixes become bigger and more complex (also more costly). Dentists love to see small problems that have easy fixes. So call when you feel an issue that lasts more than a day or two!!

6. Make it a priority to see your dentist twice a year!! This allows your dentist and hygienist to really get to know you and your mouth. It also allows them to check for signs of inflammation, oral cancer, acid reflux, dry mouth, and other signs that could be related to other health problems.

7. Chew gum with xylitol to prevent cavities!!! This is especially important if you are a parent of an infant to 3 year old child! The bacteria that cause cavities and ear infections is passed from mother/ father to child. That means less ear infections and cavities for your child!!

8. Pass on the gift of good oral hygiene habits to your children!!! In our modern world of electric toothbrushes, fluoride, and knowledge of good eating/drinking habits there is a great chance that our children could avoid getting cavities! But they need positive examples and guidance from the adults in their life!

If you have more questions about your oral health contact your dentist!!!

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