Just 5 Minutes A Day Can Save Your Life!!

OR...How just 5 minutes a day can help you stay healthy and prolong your life!


5 Minutes....out of the 1440 minutes in 24 hours.....5 minutes doesn't seem like that much time to prolong your longevity, does it?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDCP) recently put out new recommendations for the amount of time per day we need to exercise to stay fit and healthy. The new recommendation is ONE hour a DAY. So how can just 5 minutes a day fit into this equation?

NO NO NO, it's not some new diet or exercise fad-don't be fooled! The answer is........

5 minutes a day of BRUSHING and FLOSSING! Dentists recommend that the average person should brush for about 2 minutes each time they brush. Do this twice a day(in the morning and before bed)and that equals 4 minutes. So what about the other minute, you ask?  I timed myself last night when I flossed-it took about ONE minute.

Most people get that brushing and flossing is good for keeping your teeth healthy, but how does it prolong your life?

*There has been an explosion of evidence linking good oral health to good general health. We have all heard how chronic INFLAMMATION is the new bad boy linked to many health problems. Well, when you neglect brushing and flossing, your gums are in a constant state of INFLAMMATION!

*Think about healthy foods....apples, carrots, nuts, whole grains, etc....Most healthy foods require some chewing. Most of them are not super soft.  This requires HEALTY TEETH! If your teeth hurt, you won't choose healthy foods!

* If your teeth hurt, you may not chew your food adequately. This may contribute to digestive problems. Uggg-we all know that's no fun!

*Good Self Esteem and Mood....If we like our smile we will be more likely to smile and LAUGH! Smiling and laughing OFTEN has been shown to improve mood and self esteem!

Just 5 minutes a day.  Not a big time investment-the average american spend 5 HOURS a day watching television!  5 minutes a day to take care of your dental health can translate to many other ways to stay healthy!  Staying healthy helps prolong your life and may even save your life!  At the very least you'll have sparkling teeth and fresh breath and who doesn't want that???

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