Encouraging a Full 2 Minute Brush!


Do you have any tips on encouraging my children to brush for the full 2 minutes?



Encouraging kids not to rush when they brush is a challenge for most parents!  Here are a few tips:

*Don't wait until the last minute before bed to brush. If kids are tired they may not brush as well. Brush right after dinner or right after the evening snack.

*Invest in a 2 minute sand timer or set an timer on your phone, or their device to track the two minutes.

*Play a song on your phone or their device that's about 2 minutes long.

*Place a note on their mirror with encouraging words to remember to do a good job brushing.

*Tie it to another activity they enjoy. For example: 2 minutes of brushing equals one bedtime story or 1/2 hour of cartoons. 

*Invest in an electric toothbrush with a timer.


If you have more questions about encouraging good home mouth hygiene be sure and talk with your dentist or hygienist!