Canker Sores

Canker Sores


Canker Sores appear inside the mouth as small ulcerated lesions with a white ore grey base and a red border.

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A person can have just one canker sore or several and they can return frequently. It is speculated that they are caused by bacteria, viruses, or an insult to the immune system, but their exact cause is unknown  It is important to know that Canker Sores ARE NOT contagious.


There are several situations that can increase the likelihood of developing a Canker Sore:




*Reactions from hot/spicy foods

*Frequent acid reflux

*A cut caused by something sharp or cheek biting.

The development of Canker Sores seems to be more frequent for some women during their premenstrual cycle or some women during menopause.


What to do if you have a Canker Sore:

*Canker Sores usually heal on their own in 7-10 days.

*Antimicrobial mouthwashes or over the counter gel topical anesthetics         can provide temporary relief.

*Some dentists have an oral bandage treatment that can be applied to cover the Canker Sore. This can reduce sensitivity and the chance of secondary infection, especially if the Canker Sore is very large.

*If you have a Canker Sore avoid hot, spicy or acidic foods which can irritate the sore.

*If your Canker Sore lasts more than 2 weeks or there are several sores all over the mouth make sure and see your dentist for an evaluation.


For more information check out the American Dental Association’s Website:

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