But Water Tastes Boring!!!

When my kids were little life was easy. I put out something to eat and drink and they didn't really know that there was a different choice. Now that they are older they are flexing their 'right to choose' muscle.  One of our major battles is over what to drink between meals when they are thirsty. If it were up to my kids, they would choose pop, pop or pop.  And let's face it, pop is yummy.  But let's not forget the empty calories, the artificial sweeteners, and the sugar and acid content that destroys the enamel of our teeth. UGGGGGG!!!!

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So what's a responsible mom and dentist to do???  My solution was fairly inexpensive and successful.  I went out and purchased a cheap water pitcher with a central diffuser. In this central diffuser I placed an assortment of all natural and tasty items:

*Cucumber and mint


*Lemon and lime


*Orange slices


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I filled the pitcher with ice cold water and put it in the refrigerator.  I told my kids they could have unlimited access to this water.  They LOVED it!  Once you choose your item to place in the diffuser you can refill the pitcher with water for up to 5 days before changing the diffused item.  Because it's ice cold, easily accessible and yummy, my kids chose this drink item over pop!

Be creative. Don't give in to the pressure. Pop is an ok treat every now and then. Pop is a terrible daily drink. Teach your kids now so when they are older and able to choose for themselves they will make healthy choices!