Bacteria poop in my mouth? Oh My!


Why is it so important to remove plaque from my teeth?



The answer to this question begins with a discussion about what plaque is.  Plaque is a very sticky substance that is made up of millions of bacteria. These bacteria feed on the food we eat and then excrete a very acidic waste(POOP!). This acidic waste is what causes cavities. Therefore, if you have plaque on your teeth there are millions of bacteria pooping acid onto your teeth.(Yuck!)


If plaque is left on the teeth long enough it will harden. This hardened plaque  is known as tartar or calculus. Tartar/calculus acts like an irritant to the gums-think of it like a splinter in your skin. The gums will get inflamed and bleed. If this tartar/calculus is not removed the irritation will cause loss of bone around the tooth(periodontal disease).


Removing plaque helps to prevent cavities, periodontal disease and as a bonus helps to keep your breath fresh!